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What's Happening at Community of Joy

July 12, 2017 - Pastor Bill's Farewell Party at Mulligan's

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Pictures Courtesy of Carla Olson



Community of Joy Lutheran Church Says Farewell to

 Pastor Bill Sappenfield


A bon Voyage Party was held at Mulligan’s Restaurant on Wednesday July 12, 2017.  Pastor Bill Sappenfield has been the interim Pastor at Community of Joy for the past two years.  Our new Pastor, Pastor Mary Beth Kovanen will begin her tenure at C of Joy beginning in August, 2017.

Pastor Bill has shepherded and helped to transition the congregation during the search for a new Pastor.

An etched picture of the church, signed by all members, was presented to Pastor Bill, along with a monetary gift donated by the members.

Over 70 members and friends attended the festivities where fond memories were shared. 

Pastor Bill is leaving our daily presence, but never in our hearts.

The Saga of Pastor Bill and Community of Joy

A poem written and delivered by Barb Woodman

Pastor Ross retired the end of May, 2015

causing C-Joy on an interim pastor to lean.

There was concern, the interim, we might have to share

because so many churches were in need of that type of care.

It wasn't long till word spread throughout the congregation

that Pastor Bill Sappenfield had accepted our invitation.

We breathed a big sigh of relief

because he would quickly be arriving for all to greet.

He would be driving from Round Rock to shepherd us.

I'm certain his weekly thoughts were “Arkansas or Bust”.

He has full knowledge of how a church this size works

and understands people with all of their quirks.

We each had an opportunity to visit with him

and undoubtedly some of our opinions made him grin

A sense of humor he likes to impart.

It is quick.  It is dry and sometimes a bit dark.

It makes you laugh yet gives pause for thought.

We've learned so much about the whys and what fors.

His tenure has been like a Lutheran refresher course.

For many his sermons just hit the mark

to reassure, to inspire and perhaps someone's spirit was sparked.

His presence has brought opportunities for everybody

like worship assistant and more Bible study.

God said, “I will give you shepherds after my own heart

who will lead you with knowledge and understanding.”

And we at C-Joy thank Him for sending us someone so upstanding.

Our time together is nearing the end

and with his departure we must contend,

so I think it is time to wrap up this rhyme

and Judges 18:6 will do that just fine.

Pastor Bill,  “Go in peace for the Lord is watching over your journey.”