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What's Happening at Community of Joy

November 3, 2017 - Church Women United 2017 World Community Day service

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Pictures Courtesy of Pastor Mary Beth & Neala Gunderson



Theme of the Day:
"Kindling New Fires for Peace"
On Nov. 3rd, Pastor Mary Beth sent greetings from our congregation, as Community of Joy hosted this Church Women United 2017 World Community Day Service of Prayer.  COJ provided greeters, registration workers & refreshments. 

“As people of faith, we have an increased ability to reach beyond Christian denominations to brothers and sisters who are Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, and many others. It is a move from an ecumenical to a multi-faith orientation. This, then, is the focus of the World Community Day of 2017. Let us, through mutual respect, create an inclusive community that is just, caring, and supportive within this new paradigm. In this transformational time, let us courageously kindle new fires toward peace.”

Church Women United meets 4 times each year, 2 services in Hot Springs and 2 services in Hot Springs Village, rotating from church to church each time.