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What's Happening at Community of Joy

November 14, 2017 - Women of Joy November Meeting

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Pictures Courtesy of Carla Olson



Guest presenter Eric Hushaw, Marketing Director for the Hot Spring Village Good Samaritan Society with Karen Sterzik, President Women of Joy.

Mr. Hushaw spoke of the eight traits that Good Sam promotes to its clients and those of the Village:  Compassion, Humility, Perseverance, Acceptance, Joy, Honesty, Courage and Love.  The Good Samaritan Society has been in existence for 91 years and here in the Village for 31 of those years.  Eric emphasized the several areas of their service here. Cedar Lodge provides community living.  Also 6 twin homes/town homes; Greenwood Manor for those needing assisted living accommodations; and 50 beds for post acute illness or long term care. The Fit For Life Therapy facility is open to all persons as a rehabilitation facility as well as fitness gym.  Some specific needs at the facility include Prayer Shawls, Prayer blankets (a little bigger than the shawl), and always a need for Volunteers and for donations.  They hope to add a Therapy Pool and to renovate the Fit For Life facility.

After Mr. Hushaw's message, Neala gave the devotions, which encompassed a message and a tasting experience as she spoke on “Listen, Taste and See the Lord is Good”.  She listed the 10 top healing foods found in the bible.
1) olives and olive oil; 2) pomegranate; 3) grapes, especially fermented grapes; 4) flax; 5) sprouted grain bread (Ezekiel Bread); 6) raw goat’s milk; 7) lamb, the only meat on the list; 8) bitter herbs (coriander and parsley?); 9) vegetables, especially green veggies; 10) raw honey.