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Mission Statement

To be a Family of Loving, Caring Disciples

 Boldly Serving God with Joy.


Joyful Stewards of God's Creation.

Vision Statement

God's Spirit will equip us to bring hope, healing, love, and joy to all people in the name of Jesus, to work for peace and justice in our world, to encourage and support others in their relationship with God and to grow in that relationship within Community of Joy.

Pastor Mary Beth Kovanen


Worship with Us....

We provide times for worship, fellowship and prayer on Saturday and Sunday - Visitors always welcome!


4:30 pm coffee

5:00 pm Worship


8:45 am coffee

9:15 am Worship

Come worship, share and serve with us.

All are Welcome to Join Us During this Easter Season. 

March 25th. - Palm Sunday Service - 9:00am.
March 29th. - Free Car Wash 11:00am.- 1:00pm. (weather permitting)
March 29th. - Maundy Thursday Service - 5:00pm
March 30th. - Good Friday Service - 5:00pm
April 1st. - Easter Sunday Service - 9:15am. (Brunch following Service)

Mar. 10th.
Children's Bible School
 Pastors Office
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Mar. 5th.
A Tree Grows in
 Pastors Office
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Feb. 21th.
Lenten Soup/Supper Service First Week
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Feb. 20th.
Women of Joy
February Meeting
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Feb. 14th.
Ash Wednesday
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Feb. 14th.
Being Lutheran in the
Buckle of the Bible Belt
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Holy Communion

We practice open communion weekly as we welcome all who honor Christ as their Savior to receive His true body and blood in our holy sacrament.  Both white grape juice and wine are offered.  Gluten-free wafers are available.  Children are invited forward for a blessing.  Our ushers will assist with any questions.

Recorded Sermons of Pastor Mary Beth

What's Happening at the Joy?
Photo Album of Recent and Past Events.
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2017 Program Year

Starts Nov. 2017

YTD March 11, 2018 - $1032



Upcoming Events

~~~~~ 2018 ~~~~~
~ March ~
Mar. 17 St. Patrick's Day
Mar. 20 First Day of Spring
9:00am - Women of Joy
Mar. 21 9:00am - Animate
5:00pm - Lenten Soup/Supper
Mar. 22 2:00pm - Sing for Joy Choir Rehearsal
3:00pm - Joy Boy's Rehearsal
Mar. 24/25 Newspaper Recycling
Mar. 24 4:00pm - Children's Bible School
Mar. 25 Palm Sunday Service
Mar. 27 8:00am - Men's Breakfast at Debra's
9:30am - Mahjong
Mar. 28 9:00am - Animate
Mar. 29 11:00am-1:00pm - Free Car Wash
5:00pm - Maundy Thur. Service
Mar. 30 5:00pm - Good Friday Service
~ April ~
Apr. 1 9:00am - Easter Service
Apr. 3 9:30am - Mahjong
Apr. 5 9:00am - Bible Study
2:00pm - Sing for Joy Choir Rehearsal
3:00pm - Joy Boy's Rehearsal
Apr. 6 9:30am - Mahjong - Home Hosted
Apr. 10 9:30am - Mahjong
9:30am - Council Meeting
Apr. 17 9:00am - Women of Joy
Apr. 19 9:00am - Bible Study
Apr. 20 9:30am - Mahjong - Home Hosted
Apr. 21/22 Newspaper Recycling
Arp. 24 8;00am - Men's Breakfast at Debra's
9:30am - Mahjong

Pray for one another & those serving in the Armed Forces

Please keep the following Members and Family/Friends in your prayers who are chronically ill, hospitalized, homebound, recovering or undergoing other treatments:

Members:  BJ Munro, Carolyn Daniels, Kathy Barnoske, Dorothy Arnold, Bob Geraghty, Noel Desbiens, Shirley Pyter, Pastor Bill Stewart.

Family/Friends:  Jeff Gister, Ralph Nilles, Austin Williams, Jay Simpson, Lila Johnston, Shay Burch, Doug Smith, Hudson Young, Jim & Joyce Jennings, Jill Kulesh, Loanne Zelhofer, Beverly Bates, Ryan Brown, Donnie Roger, Barbara Wittenberg, Marilyn Wolke, Trina Mayberry, Frances Carper, Scott Ice, Sonja Kelly, Walt Peterson, Bruce Mielke, Wayne Schmidt, Greg Pederson, Family of Pastor Charles Gilmore.

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